BALI: A PHOTOGRAPHER’S DREAM    |   JULY 14-21,  2019                                              EXPLORING THE CULTURE OF BALI THROUGH A PERSONAL CONNECTION

This workshop is an opportunity to grow your photographic skills while exploring a unique, authentic culture, that has prospered unchanged for centuries. We will guide you as you use the camera to explore the remarkable beauty of Bali and relate with the locals in a genuine manner.

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You will explore how to be creative and develop a personal way of seeing. Each day we offer in-depth photography instruction, with guided shoots in the field, personal support, and review sessions. We will photograph extensively, but also enjoy the adventure and the company of the other enthusiasts! At the end of the workshop, we will advise you on editing your photographs to tell a clear story of your personal experience of Bali.


This year we have partnered with Samy’s Camera Photo School, who sponsor our Los Angeles photo workshops, to bring you a fully organized workshop from July 14 through 21. To learn more, and register, click HERE

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